Social Media Marketing – what changed in 2015?

There’s only one constant in social media marketing – and that’s the fact that things never stay the same. Here are the truths that inspired our most successful campaigns and content this year at Legend Engage…

  • Now, more than ever, the moment is everything. It’s all about genuinely connecting in the moment. Many of the most successful campaigns are comprised of a series of micro moments, not one big-bang, big-bucks idea.
  • Brands that are still only switched to broadcast mode are like shouty people at parties – and brands that respond, listen and share the feedback from their social communities build genuine fanbases.
  • Increasingly, customer service is played out on social channels – why would anyone complain via email, letter or customer care line when they can simply tweet or message brands direct? Which means an increased focus on creating best practice community management, response and complaint handling resource and processes.
  • People are people. Not customers. Not prospects. Not lapsed. Not loyals. Not Facebook fans. Not email recipients. Speak to those you want to reach as people, not customers, and you’ll go a long way towards connecting.
  • If you’re naturally curious about your people – whether they be customers, competitors, prospects or influencers, social is the perfect foil.

    And lastly, our favourite truth of all, which is as pertinent today as it was when we first formed Legend Engage. There only two things that we know about social media marketing – if you do nothing, nothing happens. And that if you do something, you’ll be able to see what happens instantly.

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