Facebook Canvas – the latest tool for your brand

Facebook has received some stick from brands in recent months (going on years), with their strict APIs restricting organic content from gaining any reach outside of the existing profile following.

But the social network, which sees no end of declining anytime soon, has released a new tool to help brands tell their stories and speak to their customers in a more creative way.

Facebook Canvas is an app built into Facebook that allows brands to use their external content, whether it be images, videos or GIFs and seed them through a Facebook branded page.

Users, who are already very familiar with the behaviours of the channel given most of us check the Facebook app on average 13.8 times a day*, can navigate the Canvas content through search, posts in their newsfeed or in Facebook bookmarks.

Ideally for use on mobile and tablet, advertisers can create their Canvas in an easy-to-use Builder programme. When complete you will receive a URL to use in website conversion adverts. Customers can even purchase items they browsed on the Canvas content. Ideal for retail, tourism, FMCG or hospitality industries.

 The benefits of Facebook Canvas

For those brands where Facebook is a strong business lead, or for those willing to go the extra mile to claw back their distracted or unengaged clientele, Facebook Canvas is proving to be a great platform. Target, Universal Studios and BMW have already seen success as some of the guinea pig brands to test it out. See some of them in action here.

Other benefits for brands include a permanent link in the Facebook sidebar to the Canvas App and friends being able to invite others to view it, acting as a referral device.

All sounds good? If you think this is the perfect way to accelerate your business on Facebook you may have to wait a little longer. There’s currently a waiting list to be given the rights for your page. We recommend you register your profile earlier rather than later to take advantage.

* According to a survey carried out by IDC and sponsored by Facebook.


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