How brands attract valuable customers with Mapper 360

For a digital campaign to be successful it has to have objectives, targets – and the means by which these can be measured.

Serving up an ROI for every post, picture, video or link is how we prove the work we are doing is being delivered to the right people and ultimately is financially worthwhile to the brand.

Firstly, to guarantee that our content strategies are correctly informed, we need to make sure the platforms are being seen by the right people.

From independent hairdressers to niche healthy eating products to global B2B financial networks, our Mapper 360 service comprises a proprietary blend of tools that allows us to analyse and attract the most relevant, valuable customers and serve up smart social targeting – all at below average costs compared to industry benchmarks.

Here’s how our clients are using Mapper 360:

  1. To dissect the tribes of competitor’s followers so they can understand who to target and attract to their own channels and products.
  2. To investigate followers across a global suite of social channels to inform channel and content strategy.
  3. To ascertain how brand campaigns have impacted upon consumer opinion.
  4. To test consumer knowledge of brand’s CSR and charity campaigns.
  5. To create paid social campaigns based on a deep understanding of identified tribe’s specific needs.
  6. To reduce costs per actions and conversion on social adverts. One client was able to reduce their cost per click from £10 to just £0.53 and another saw Instagram video view costs drop to only £0.01.

To understand how Mapper 360 can give your brand the competitive edge, drop us a line at for a 30-minute business appraisal via Skype or come and see us in at our London agency.

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