Snapchat is king – new updates mean the app is here to stay

If you thought Snapchat was a phase kids and teenagers were going through to send silly pictures of themselves to their friends, you’re very much mistaken.

After new developments on the platform launched this week the popular app is taking instant messaging to a whole new level meaning it’s going to be around for much longer yet.

Positioning itself as the most “vivid human way to chat” the guys at Snapchat have taken communication even further with the introduction of audio, video, gifs and stickers.

In the new 2.0 update you can now send multiple photos at once, share video and audio notes and hundreds of new pre-made images. And when watching all your messages from friends becomes too tiring the introduction of their automatic play feature scrolls to the next message without any further tapping.

As well as its captive younger audience brands have also taken to the app to share their content and reach their specific demographic.

With 100 million daily users, more and more brands are tuning into advertising on Snapchat. American Airlines used the app to send live updates from a music concert they were hosting in an attempt to branch out from their normal content strategy and reach new people.

So should your brand be thinking about joining the channel? Here are our top three things to consider…

  1. Firstly you need to decide exactly what you want out of your campaigns – sending out discount vouchers will have different benefits to a behind the scenes launch.
  2. Secondly you need to check out what competitors are doing within the same space so you can evaluate what else you can add to make an impact.
  3. And finally, do you have the budget to commit to the campaign? When Snapchat first opened up advertising to brands there was a minimum spend of £750,000. This has now been reduced to £50,000 a still sizeable but more accessible budget.

What is certain is that Snapchat isn’t going anywhere and its loyal users aren’t about to turn their backs on it just yet. We recommend when considering your marketing strategy you always at least consider Snapchat as an option alongside Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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