Social Media Training – the seven essentials

Co-founder Kath Ludlow on the Legend Engage approach to Social Media Training – and why some of her social media channels aren’t public…

‘I love Instagram. I really love it. I have a private account and use it to keep in touch with friends, follow brands and bands and connect with people that I find inspiring. I post pics of family, friends, gigs and particularly, my food. As it’s not a public or a professional account, and it’s only for friends, I don’t curate what I post or post to any set content strategy or frequency (although obviously I filter my pics… and then some). However, it’s no exaggeration to say I am no photographer, in fact, I’m pretty terrible.

This is OK for me because I’m not a brand; my friends all know I’m a writer not a photographer and I don’t measure my value in likes, shares and comments, or have to deliver a return on investment. My only objective o my personal channel is connecting with my friends and having fun.

I, like millions of other people, am my own publisher, but just because I am happy to create images for me, I certainly would not be able to create them for any of our client’s accounts.

Sadly though, there are many brands out there that believe just because it’s social media and they do it at home that they know how to do it for their businesses and brands. They’ve failed to draw the distinction between social media and social media marketing. They treat their company social media accounts exactly the same way they treat their personal accounts; happily posting pictures of dancing cats or pouting selfies with no regard to brand values, content strategy or creative quality. We had one client who we had to ban from his company’s channels because the long commute home on a Friday, fuelled by after work team beers, often led to a Twitter meltdown, which always led to unhappy followers.’

At Legend Engage we not only create content for our clients but we offer training and guidelines so they can strategically and effectively create content for themselves. We create bespoke training programmes and events depending on individual client needs.

If you’re considering refreshing your team’s social media guidelines or implementing some training, these are the seven topics every social media trainer should cover:

  1. Team buy in – why you need an agreed strategy before you start publishing
  2. Audience understanding – successful brand and fan relationships are built on insights and understanding
  3. Social brand values – how to bring your brand to life in social media
  4. Social tone of voice, behaviours and personality – how to create an authentic and consistent brand voice
  5. Content and Channel strategy – what does engaging content really mean for each of your social channels and fanbases/communities?
  6. Marketing – remembering the “marketing” part of your content marketing
  7. Governance, measurement and making sure you’re on track – after all unless you make or sell cat food, or, like one of our clients, run a 5-star cat hotel, publishing pictures of cats is unlikely to be part of your strategy.

Here at Legend Engage, we lecture undergraduates, postgraduates and corporate MBAs as well as running in-house training programmes for our clients, other companies and talk at corporate events.

We run workshops on:

  • Social media for pharmaceutical, banking and other regulated industries
  • Creating your own personal brand
  • Authenticity and the champion mindset
  • Email marketing


Get in touch if you’d like to talk about any aspect of your social media training or guidelines.

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