Shaking up the Internet video scene – Facebook takes on YouTube

We have always known YouTube to be the home of videos. “Have you seen Taylor Swift’s new music video?” – “No not yet, I’ll YouTube it.”

Facebook is taking steps to shake things up on the Internet video scene with a couple of new updates that will allow users to search and save their favourite videos. But will they ever be able to steal the space as the go-to site for your daily fix of music, practical jokes and DIY how-to vlogs?

Facebook video searches

Do you remember when Facebook suddenly became a tornado of cute cat videos and you secretly loved it? It was annoying when you wanted to relive that moment weeks later and couldn’t find the video unless you knew exactly which page/user had posted it, and even then it was probably so far down their profile you’d lose the will to live combing through. Well, fear not, life is about to get easier thanks to Facebook’s new video search engine. By following a similar process to YouTube users will be able to search for the video they are looking for using keywords, and content will become available in trending live streams.

Facebook has already launched the feature, although it’s still not available to everyone. No need to worry though, when your time comes, you will be able to watch that adorable little kitten rolling around the carpet again. Just be patient.

Personalised video feeds

We know Facebook is a clever little tool and serves up adverts and content that it thinks you will like, based on the algorithms of the pages you already follow or the conversations you have on its channel. And with video it will be very similar. By monitoring the videos you watch on Facebook – specifically those that are unmuted, full screen and in HD – Facebook will be able to personalise your newsfeed with relevant content that it predicts you will like to watch.

The aim is to get a network channel full of original video content, which is easily accessible to the user without them having to go elsewhere (i.e YouTube.)

All filtered out

However, we’re still not convinced Facebook has thought of everything if it’s looking towards becoming the leading video channel. Instagram allows 40 different filters for you to make your clips look their best, while Snapchat offers the ability to add text, drawing, graphics, animated lenses and video speed effects to improve your creation.

Its about time Facebook ditches the basic filters and updates their video editing tools if they want to clean sail past their rivals.

One thing that is certain is video is going nowhere. It’s progressively one of the most important forms of personalised communication – especially for the millennial and Gen Z generations who record and share snippets of their life on a daily basis. It’s important for brands to stay on top of their social video content offerings in order to speak to their audience in a way that people know recognise as the norm.

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