Lead generation

Generating digital business leads

For most businesses the world of social media is no longer an unknown. Many companies have at least a Facebook page or Twitter account, which they use predominantly to grow awareness of their brand or to use as a customer service function. But there are growing pressures from those who control the purse strings to make sure the money that is being put into social media has a proven return, and that they can see it, on paper, line by line.

Yes, it’s great to grow page likes and have a super shiny page with lots of great, engaging content but for many businesses this is just aesthetics, and the real value of social media is in the lead generation. Or as we prefer to call it, genuine customers!

What is lead generation?

Going back 20 years or so, when letters and pens were a popular communication tool, we would receive questionnaires through the post or in our shopping bags where we would tick boxes and fill in our details to tell businesses what we thought. Since the internet came and took over, well, everything, the same
process takes place, and the end game is identical.
Whether you opt in to an email newsletter, click on an advert on Facebook or fill in a form on Twitter, businesses are able to gather data that gets their customers
one step further into the sales program. You could be signing up to receive pre-order gig tickets or booking to have your house valued.
Leads can be direct sales, such as serving somebody an ad on a pizza offer that sends them directly to order said pizza or they can be more intelligence based, gathering a customer’s email address to send them details about an upcoming conference.

Why should your business use social media for lead generation?

According to Sprout Social, social media marketing has reduced marketing costs for 45% of businesses. And perhaps more crucially, revenue has increased for 24% of businesses when they used social media for lead generation. These figures speak for themselves.

How to make leads convert

Not only does social media advertising make it easier than ever to collect data and generate clicks but it also allows social media agencies like us to be smart with targeting. And by using our bespoke Mapper360 methodology we can help businesses learn what audience groups respond well to what content. Getting your audiences right (this doesn’t always happen first time) and delivering the right combinations of images and copy (this also requires testing) gives you the highest chance of turning a potential customer into a paying one.
It’s also crucial that the right platform is picked to suit your objectives. We always analyse a business’
demographics to make informed decisions about which social channel should be used, and whether paid Google Search is needed for support.
In a recent lead generation campaign, we secured 6,000+ new customers for an events company, which resulted in 3,000 conversions and a fantastic 10:1 ROI.
To find out more about how we take your objectives and turn them into leads and conversions email
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