Social media trends for 2017

Social media trends for 2017


2016 has proved to be yet another incredible year for innovations in technology and social media. Both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have taken massive steps towards becoming much more lifelike and widely available (remember PokémonGO?), while live streaming major events and the use of 360º videos have grown at the same time that the mobile app Vine met its demise. With that in mind, here are some of our predictions for 2017 in social media:



No, not the uncanny humanoid synths that appear in Channel 4’s Humans – we’re talking about helpful and friendly AI “chatbots”. With the rise of connected home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s becoming clear that consumers are growing more familiar with computer systems that they can actually talk to and interact with.

Facebook, as always, has got a head-start in this regard, rolling out news feed ads that open directly into Messenger chats. This allows third parties to create their own personal chatbot – conversational agents able to simulate intelligent conversations without human presence, offering effective customer service and improving the content offered to customers through robust data analysis.

Live stream videos

2016 was the year that social media giants started to integrate Live Streaming onto their platforms. This trend really caught fire when celebrities and public figures began to share their lives with fans on Facebook Live. Operating in a different fashion to Twitter’s similar Periscope, Facebook Live allowed people to watch and replay the videos after the broadcast.

Although Live Stream videos are still in the early stages, brands are already implementing this feature into their main content, as audio-visual posts have been proving to have higher engagement rates with followers. Forward-thinking brands are now beginning to consider the trend for marketing opportunities.

Expiring social content

The undeniable success of Snapchat has seen many of its competitors – including Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp – ‘borrow’ the platform’s ephemeral features. Leading the way in the audio-visual game by providing a platform for campaigns and major events including awards and political events, Snapchat’s disappearing content is here to stay. It will be interesting to see how brands embrace these features in 2017.

Social commerce

Instagram introduced advertisers onto its site for the first time this year with new direct ad formats that enable users to ‘shop now’ or ‘learn more’. Elsewhere, Twitter has tested a ‘buy now’ button and Snapchat has announced plans to expand its ecommerce ability.

More and more consumers are making a beeline to social media to seek out reviews and information about products they are considering purchasing. It makes perfect sense with that in mind for brands and companies to promote the ability to purchase on these sites and that is something that will become increasingly apparent in the next year.


Some of these new technology trends have surely come to stay and will have the chance to prove themselves in the new year – it will be interesting to look back in 12 months time to see what happened!

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