Augmented Reality – the next step in modern marketing

No escape from reality?

 AR – the next step in modern marketing

When you think about it, Virtual Reality has been seen as a thing of the future for around 25 years now. Those who are old enough will remember the chunky headsets, and even chunkier graphics, that defined Virtual Reality in the early 1990s. But while it is generally regarded that technology may be beginning to catch up with the idea of VR at last, in 2016 it was plain to see that the relatively fresher concept of Augmented Reality stole a march on its elder brother.

It might be easy to say that the Pokemon Go phenomenon has been and gone, but while we may have to wait for the weather to get warm again to see if it makes a comeback, what it has shown us is that Augmented Reality has the ability to appeal to a huge number of people from all walks of life. AR technology might have been around for a good few years before it, but it was this gaming sensation that showed people’s eagerness to add a digital layer to the world around them.

Below we look at four ways that the continuing rise of Augmented Reality can be used by businesses and organisations to spread their message in 2017.


The Personal Touch

One of the most appealing facets of Augmented Reality is that it gives the user the means to create a digital world all of their own. Images and text can be uploaded in order to give everyday life a much more personal feel.

Already companies have made greetings cards and children’s books that can be viewed via Augmented Reality and the possibilities are endless. The technology could give people the chance to make their favourite brands a part of their world like never before.


It’s still the new thing!

Augmented Reality may not be all that new, but it has maintained a lot of its novelty value. Many potential users may have missed out on the opportunity to experience it first time round as a result of either not being committed gamers or simply not yet having access to the technology.

When Augmented Reality makes its next big splash you can be sure that there will be many more people ready to immerse themselves in a whole new world. Especially since this time round the technology needed to use AR will have become much more widespread and should be more familiar but still fresh enough for marketers to be able to appeal to early adopters.


Social Multimedia

While it is tempting to see Augmented Reality as being almost exclusively about creating an individual experience, it can also be used to bring people together. Apps like WallaMe, which enables users to leave secret messages for each other at different locations across the globe that can only be viewed using AR, show that this technology can serve to bring people together.

It would be very easy to imagine a successful marketing campaign being built along the same lines by appealing to the desire for a shared experience. Users can also share content via Augmented Reality meaning that a brand could see its message passed around far and wide with just a few clicks.


Keep the Customer Satisfied


Above all else, Augmented Reality is fun. There is currently nothing quite like it and that’s why it will remain a talking point for a long time.

With Augmented Reality it is possible to take almost any everyday product and give it a new, playful and inventive lease of life. The more exciting an AR brand experience is, the more people will want to experience it for themselves.

2016 taught us that consumers are not afraid of Augmented Reality and now it’s time for marketers to show that they aren’t afraid either.


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