Signet Case Study

Customers did not even consider an apartment at the weekend because weekends away are a precious time of indulgence and luxury, whereas the apartments looked cold and functional: one step up from a hostel.

We promoted the lifestyle that people want to lead at the weekends with the apartments as the backdrop, updating all imagery, tone of voice and content. We then targeted likely weekend travellers through email and paid social channels.

Challenge: To create a more compelling and upmarket brand positioning for Signet Apartments to differentiate their offering from Air BnB crash pads for leisure travellers and cramped city hotel rooms for business travel.

Insight: Business travellers in Cambridge value space, high speed wifi and dedicated parking (which is lacking in city centre hotels). Weekend customers want a conveniently located luxury apartment. Both types of client valued a personal, concierge service.

Strategy: Update the brand positioning including website, email marketing, social media strategy, PPC and SEO. Update all online imagery, tone of voice and content. We ensured all brand collateral was premium and luxurious, and promoted a lifestyle ahead of any functional benefits. We then deployed this content with smarter use of location based targeting across Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, PPC and email to target specific high value guests.

ROI of £50k from one email campaign alone – 43% open rate
Increase in social channels – up 81% in first 12 weeks