Coronary heart disease is the second highest cause of death both in the UK and worldwide. The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s largest cardiac charity, but despite their ground-breaking work in medical research, lots of people still think of them as a government body or ‘something to do with healthy eating’ and their online campaign messages weren’t cutting through as well as they should. They needed to understand who to engage, and how to use digital content to engage them better.


Using our proprietary Mapper360 tools, techniques and smarts we conducted a deep dive analysis of all of the supporters of two major charitable organisations, so that we could better understand the mindset of charity supporters. We identified tribes and valuable clusters within these, from health care professionals to those with a cardiac health issue, to sponsored-event participants. With this knowledge, we created a series of actionable insights to enable the BHF to take the right messages to the right, high-value audiences.


“These insights take us out of the anecdotal and have proved all that I wanted proven.” Social Media Manager, British Heart Foundation


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