Challenge:  Connect with a new customer base and drive e-ticket sales at DogFest’s two event locations – an event hosted by Channel 4’s The Supervet.

Strategy: Using the findings from Mapper 360 – our proprietary methodology for identifying high-value tribes and customers – we created Facebook and Google search campaigns based on our understanding of the content that appeals to the audience groups. We then applied smart targeting and scheduling around common interest hashtags, keywords, TV programming and micro moments to seek out potential purchasers.

On Twitter, we took advantage of The Supervet TV schedule and targeted viewers who were engaging with the show through the platform.


10:1 ROI
6,000+ new customers
3,000 total conversions (875 through Facebook and Twitter / 2,125 through PPC)
3,200 Facebook engagements (likes, shares, comments)


DogFest_case study_Buzz awards

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