Galderma Case Study

For any company, there is increasing focus on the ability to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion to online discussions and particularly negative buzz. This is even more important for a regulated industry. Our social listening project allowed Galderma to get out in front of any conversations about the brand and its products – and ongoing healthcare needs. Our swift and clear reporting made sense of all the social ‘noise’, enabling Galderma’s in-house team to understand and respond where needed.

Challenge: Galderma wanted to harness the power of social media so it could immediately escalate negative buzz about the brand and/or its products, but it didn’t have the skills or resources to do this effectively in house.

Insight: Galderma needed immediate and actionable information, while they learned the skills inhouse

Idea: “The listening project” – Legend Engage listened to Galderma’s customers across all social channels, markets and languages. Then everyday delivered an analysis report in a simple and actionable format, which cut through the clutter, made sense of the chatter and allowed for immediate interaction with customers.

Results: After six months of Legend’s listening project Galderma felt more in touch with their customers and their customers’ healthcare needs than ever before. Furthermore our reports and analysis deconstructed the ‘buzz’, making social media much more understandable, we also identified key patterns and social behaviours that Galderma could effectively maximise in house

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