Ginsters Case Study

Ginsters was the brand of the white van man but it needed to become relevant to new audiences. We identified festival-going students as a niche audience worth targeting; because they would be eating away from home and in need of tasty, easy, sustenance before, during and after a weekend of dancing.
This group is notoriously hard to speak to. They are cynical of brands and scornful of traditional marketing. So we spoke to them through music – the language that transcends all boundaries – creating an integrated content campaign delivered through celebrities, bloggers and fans.

Challenge: To reposition the brand in a higher value, more contemporary way.

Insight: We identified an opportunity for Ginsters in the area of students and festivals, away from their traditional white van man territory.

Strategy: We developed and created an integrated campaign around music, including iTunes and Mixmag DJ to transform fanbase to premium, high spending festival- goers, millennials and music lovers.
We launched the brand on Twitter and engaged with celebrities, bloggers and fans, with hashtags such as #GinstersforChristmas and a pronunciation debate attracted on-brand celebrities including Jack Whitehall and James Corden.

Buzz count up 753%
Facebook likes up 34%
Exceeded KPI for Twitter followers by 62%
Created a new, verified and opted-in segment to database of thousands of students

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