Honey Monster Case Study

Our audience of young, fun mums loved Sugar Puffs and the Honey Monster when they were growing up. They want to give their own children this same moment of magic – and breakfast they’ll eat too!

With the Sugar Puff name changing, our strategy was to make a hero of the Honey Monster; a hero who’s funny and charming, who brings merriment and playfulness to the breakfast table and beyond. We injected new life into the character in social media by showing off his mischievous side and giving customers lots of opportunities to engage with this iconic brand through giveaways. We also promoted his guest appearances encouraging families to join in.

Challenge: To re-launch Sugar Puffs as Honey Monster Puffs and reconnect with mums who are currently buying more ‘modern’ food brands for their children.

Insight: Nostalgia-driven, millennial mums are looking for ways to give their children some of the innocent fun of their own childhoods.

Strategy: Reconnect mums with the iconic Honey Monster character using comedy and promotional giveaways. A hyper-local outreach campaign with mummy bloggers supported the brand’s supermarket regional tour.

Grew social channels by 67% in eight months.
4 million+ traceable campaign reach.
15,000 links to site from Twitter alone.

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