Pfizer Case Study

Missed appointments cost the NHS billions. We worked with Customer Faithful on this social insights project for Pfizer and the NHS to understand why – and to do so, we had to reach and engage some very hard to reach audiences. We beat every target thanks to a creative solution based on the insight that we needed to make the impact on the NHS easy to understand and relate to.

Challenge: More than 12 million GP appointments and 7 million hospital appointments are missed each year, costing the NHS £1.7 billion every year. To try to combat the problem Pfizer is working with the NHS to find out why. The problem is, the people who generally respond to the surveys are not the people who miss the appointments.

Insight: In order to get people to take part we needed to not only engage them but activate them as well.

Strategy: We would attract the traditionally hard to reach audience to take part in the survey by creating an infographic that delivered a serious message in a fun and easy to understand way – and sparked debate. We then used this to connect with people via Twitter and a bespoke microsite. As well as conducting more traditional focus groups and analysing responses to our online survey, we listened in on social media to what people were saying about missed appointments.

Results: We exceeded the estimated response rate by 1300% attracting a sample that included a good proportion of the normally hard to reach group.

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