Our work

Things our clients say

  • "This excellent piece of work from Legend Engage is an absolute game changer for us, providing detail about our audiences we haven't previously had access to. We now really understand our followers and those of our competitors. This is the who and why we need to inform our content strategy. It feels like we now have a unique advantage within our market."

    Financial Services Client
  • "Deciding to work with Legend Engage has completely transformed my business. They completed a full content audit and were able to provide us with countless marketing recommendations, all of which we have been able to put into place with ease and minimal costs - so important for our small company. Every aspect of our marketing and social media channels have improved dramatically and now, 9 months on, I am happily in the position to be having to take on an additional member of staff to deal with the volume of bookings. We will be returning to Legend Engage on a regular basis - what a worthwhile investment!"

    Arts Education Client
  • "I love their insight-informed approach to marketing, their dynamic 'get things done attitude' and the way that they report back on all activity so that I can see the exact return for each campaign and communication."

    Hospitality Client
  • "Legend has created a ground up social media strategy that has exceeded all expectations. From the moment we appointed them, they hit the ground running, using their processes to create a benchmark audit and measurable steps to achieving each business objective. Their knowledge of social media, and the methods that they employ, go above and beyond any agency that I have worked with."

    Marketing Director
  • "They are skilled at creating engaging, timely and relevant content across a variety of channels that deliver against our brand objectives, and understand and connect with the needs of our target audience." 

    FMCG client
  • "I have been impressed by the proactive and can-do attitude of the Legend Engage team. They immersed themselves in my business, gained insights into my clients and prospects and used these insights to create campaigns and social media posts that connected and gained results."

    Property client